You can find more information about Lynn’s on our website at Pictures of some of the class projects and other work by our teachers are posted on our website Gallery page. For more information about classes, call the store at 608-274-1442. 5 sessions, Tuesdays, Oct 2, 9, 16, (skip 23), 30, Nov 6 from 10 am to 1:00 pm. Fee $130 + materials. Instructor: Liz McConkey, professional artist and teacher. Liz has received formal and informal training in the arts. She is an all-around watercolor enthusiast, and will venture to convey many facets of a successful painting to you in a five-session course to help guide you along. Students will explore, yet have directives and exercises to perform every class in pursuit of these goals. Each class will have a practice and objective for the period. When finished, participants will work on other practices they are interested in, or practice more of the days’ objectives. Class 1- Visit watercolor brushes and paper, create a color wheel, practice complementary color mixing and visit general color theory. Class 2 – Practice washes, add and lift paint, better understand how to mix and change colors. *Bring three similar objects, but different in size. Keep it SIMPLE. Can be 3 vases or bowls for example (or use mine). Class 3 – Use India ink with watercolor wash. Discover gray scale in watercolor. Expand to student choice. India ink is highly staining, so dress accordingly. Class 4 – Experiment with masking. Use “windows” to help frame work. Also, match pieces of color in reference work. Finish unfinished work and plan own work for next week or use still life available next week. Class 5 – Finish class projects. Practice a still life this last session combing knowledge from previous sessions. Questions : call Lynn’s or contact Liz (